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Gamefest 2010 - Block Compression Smorgasbord

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Block compression

BC1, BC2, and BC3 use the S3 Texture Compression (S3TC) algorithm

BC4 is the 3Dc+ algorithm, BC5 is 3Dc algorithm originally developed by ATI

BC6H and BC7 use the BPTC algorithm originally developed by NVIDIA

'Fast Block Compression' schemes

BC1 & BC3 algorithm from "Real-Time DXT Compression" by JMP van Waveren

BC5 algorithm from "Real-Time Normal Map DXT Compression" by JMP van Waveren & Ignacio Castaño

IHV compresors

AMD Compress

Intel ISPC Compressors




Note that the NVIDIA tools haven't been updated in some time, and are currently missing support for the DX10 header extension, BC6H, and BC7.

Gamma correct rendering


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