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Functions for doing texture processing based on DirectXTex data typically loaded from a WIC or TGA image file and then written to a .DDS file.

The majority of these functions cannot operate on planar or palettized formats. For video formats, AYUV, Y410, Y416, YUY2, Y216, and Y416 are supported and all operations are performed in RGB colorspace.

Flip and/or rotate image or set of images.

Resize an image or set of images.

Convert an image or set of images from one pixel format to another.

Converts a planar image or set of images to a single-plane pixel format.

Generates mipmaps for an image or a set of images.

Generates mipmaps for a 3D volume texture from a set of images representing the slices.

This converts an image assuming the original is not using premultiplied alpha into a premultiplied alpha version of the same image.

Compresses an image or set of images to a BC format.

Decompresses a BC format to a non-BC format image.

Converts a height-map to a normal-map.

Copies a rectangle from a soure image to a destination image. Does not support block compressed formats.

Computes the mean-squared error for each component based on two input images.


These are flexible functions for doing texture processing that can be used in many different ways. See the Texconv and Texassemble command-line utilities source code for some extensive examples of using them.

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